Have you heard of Alo Yoga? Let me introduce you if not.... they are a mindful movement brand that has sharing goodness at the forefront of everything that they do. As I fell in love with their beautifully curated Instagram feed I wanted to know more. I quickly was drawn to every aspect of what founders Danny Harris and Marco deGeorge do and pitched myself to the company to be involved with them in some way. 

In my quest to be brave and just go for it, I heard back from them.  With-in a few weeks I started teaching yoga to their corporate office where they have a yoga studio for their incredible staff to take time out's from their day to practice. That lead to me shooting my first pre-natal videos with them for YouTube as I entered my second trimester of pregnancy. Glowing already... this just lit me up even more and became such a special opportunity to share my passion for teaching with more of you.

This practice is catered to pre-natal mamas and safe for each trimester depending on your comfort and pregnancy health.  I refer to the connection with your baby frequently but even if you're not pregnant this can be a wonderful way to wake up, deeply connect with your breath and explore gentle movement with building intensity. As mentioned in the video please consult with your doctor before practicing and listen to your body with thoughtful intentions and wise choices each and every day. 

Little Fun About The Shoot:

Excited to say the least, I headed to their flagship store in Beverly Hills and made my way to the gorgeous yoga studio where I got to catch the loveliest, Koya Webb shooting the tail end of her new HIIT Yoga videos. Aside from her being absolutely gorgeous, strong and inspiring, I was just itching to join right in... it gave me some serious motivation for post baby work out's. Make sure you check her out too. Greeted by an incredible team, the shoot felt intimate and special, uplifting and full of positivity.  I was put through the hair and make-up works and dressed in the comfiest, feminine, relaxing yet sassy style for my pregnant belly. With all the pieces to the puzzle, they had me feeling great and ready to rock!

Want The Look:

Goddess Bra, White:

Mold Tank, Buff Heather:

Airbrush Legging, White/Reflective Chakra:

The content Alo Yoga is pushing out is inspiring, mindful and free on YouTube... so what are you waiting for? Get over there, subscribe and check it out! I'll have a few more coming soon. I'm thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a beautiful & mindful movement brand. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share the video with any expecting or post natal Mama's and would love any feedback! I hope this is the beginning of many yoga videos to share. Your comments will help me be stronger and grow by sharing your thoughts... I welcome them! 



Black Friday Shop Carbon38

Hi there! Hope you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. 

I just wanted to share my extra special discount I get for being an ambassador for Carbon38. They carry tons of great styles and brands you can choose from on-line. Aloyoga and Teeki are a few of my favorites. For a limited time Carbon38 has a pop-up shop on Robertson if you prefer to peruse in store... so hop on over before Jan. 31, 2017! 

AlOYOGA Airbrush Legging

AlOYOGA Airbrush Legging

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ALOYOGA Coast Legging

Happy Shopping Loves!


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With the ever-evolving world of fitness and fashion merging into one colorful conglomerate of patterns, styles and the latest must-haves, it's not just about tossing your oldest comfy t-shirt and sweatpants on anymore.  We've got more options than ever to sass up our style while we get fit. Why not find some inspiration as you create your vibe?  

Here are a few of my favorite things. Comfortable, sexy and fun. 

What's your vibes right now? 

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