My New Roles On A Network We All Love to Unwind With

Are you guys ready for some Neighborly love with me on the Lifetime Movie Channel? In the last two years I’ve played the lead role in three different thrillers with “Neighbor” somewhere in the title. The second one is about to debut, so set your DVR’S for “Seduced By My Neighbor” this SUNDAY, November 11th at 8/7 central. I bet you will recognize some other faces too…


For all my readers, you know I had a baby in July of 2017 and relocated to Sonoma California, so I’ve been on a new mama break of some sorts. Since my life has shifted into motherhood more predominately and I’m not actually in Hollywood anymore grinding out auditions regularly, I work less as an actress by the nature of my choices. Needless to say I’ve still been blessed with getting some fun offers (I usually don’t get offers) to work and having a blast being on set with some of the loveliest cast and crew members. I didn’t really know how my acting career would play out with all my life changes but I can say I’m super grateful to take these opportunities that come my way when I can.

After doing some press for the film this week with TV Grapevine, Starry Magazine, Miz Hollywood and AME Radio I thought, why not put this into my own personal blog and share some fun about the film here too.

What’s the premise of the film?

I play Sarah Goodwin. After a tragedy occurs we move to a new neighborhood to start fresh and be near my mother-in-law (Beth Broderick) who’s living an an assisted care center where I get hired with a new job. With her blessing and encouragement to date again, I open myself up to Chris, the firefighter (Rocky Myers). We are welcomed graciously into the community by the neighborhood security guard (Trevor St. John) who becomes a trusted friend while obsessing he is the best man to protect us. Things start going horribly wrong for my daughter (Sierra McCormick) and I. My character is challenged with loss, love and uncertainty.

What made you want to be a part of the film?

Sam Irvin a director I had enjoyed working with once before recommended me for the role which is always a flattering and delightful thing to have happen. I liked the emotional journey the script took me through. There is some dimension to my role and this was my first lead part since giving birth to my first baby in July 2017 so I was thrilled to do it.

What were some of your favorite moments from filming or behind the scenes?

We had the wonderful Louisville Fire Department actually volunteer their time to help us out in the movie for a scene which was very cool of them I thought. I always love the funny moments that catch you by surprise when shooting, those unstoppable giggles that sometimes get the best of you, which we had a few of. There’s a scene in the club house I shot with Chris (Rocky Myers) that in the script, just tore up my heart… that became one of my favorite scenes we shot. As a mama, I greatly appreciated the flexibility and support from production providing an on-set nanny along with my mom and husband rotating time with my daughter. The privacy for needing to breastfeed and get to see her on my lunch breaks during those long shooting days was a huge bonus!

What do you hope viewers take away from watching the movie?

Honestly when I think of movie watching, I often just want that time to pause from my real life. I want to wind down with being able to enjoy myself and relax. I hope that for the viewers as well.

Were you familiar with any of your costars before working with them on the movie?

Yes. Rocky Myers who plays, Chris, my love interest. Rocky happens to be one of my closest girlfriend’s, Erin Ross Myers, husbands. When I heard he was in the mix… I called them both and said, “You have to do this” selfishly hoping his wife, Erin and their baby would join for some of the shoot so we could all spend some time together. Rocky is a hard worker and was wonderful to work with. And for the record, it’s not easy having to kiss your girlfriends hubs for an acting role. That’s about as uncomfortable as it can get. We’re all in the business though so we’ve had a good laugh about it.


What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and the work that you do?

THANK YOU from the depths of my gracious heart!!! My fan base really began when I was on General Hospital in 2010/2011 and man have they stuck with me. I so appreciate anyone who takes the time to follow my journey and be a part of my world. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. I truly thank all of you.

I hope you guys get a chance to see “Seduced By My Neighbor” this Sunday, November 11th and 8/7central on the Lifetime Movie Channel. It’s fun getting to be on TV once in a while still, I hope it continues and you guys are right here with me cheering me along. Have a beautiful weekend and as always THANK YOU for stopping by.


New Show, New Role in Zac And Mia

Is Andrea still acting? It's a heartfelt question I had to ask myself as well. A lot of years have been spent investing my heart and soul into a craft I'm incredibly passionate about. It's not an easy one to walk away from. So I haven't....

One of the most important keys to acting is curiosity. I am curious to the point of being nosy. What that means is you want to devour lives. You’re eager to put on their shoes and wear their clothes and have them become a part of you. All people contain mystery, and when you act, you want to plumb that mystery until everything is known to you
— Meryl Streep

Becoming a mamma and moving away from the daily grind of Hollywood to start a family doesn't necessarily put me in the running like it used to. With that being said, there are also more opportunities to self-tape and new content popping up all over digital media creating more work. I'm happy to report, I, along with a great team, am actively keeping in the mix on projects that make sense for me. While my real life role as a mamma gives me more to consider as things come my way, it's exciting, challenging and gives way for me to listen to my heart that much more. 

Actress Andrea Bogart engaged to Photographer Erik Almas lands a recurring role on Zac & Mia a Go90, Awesomeness TV web series as Krista Phillips 

While I was pregnant with our baby girl last spring I shot a movie that immediately sold to LIFETIME. Shortly after that I was offered a recurring role on an Awesomeness TV web series titled Zac & Mia, (Go90 Production) which I joyously accepted. I had hoped I would work some while I was carrying around my mini in my tummy but you just never know. Getting offers and being excited about roles always gives me momentum and that yearning for more jobs. What fun it's been playing a mom to some young gorgeous teenagers. I guess life is preparing me a little bit for what's to come, I joke, but I also remember being a teen, yikes. 

After I read Zac & Mia (originally a book by A.J. Betts) I immediately said YES. It captured my heart quickly with two ordinary teenagers connecting during treatment for cancer. Too many people today are diagnosed with various forms; some caught early enough to treat and recover and others considered terminal. I think we all have a story of someone lost too soon to cancer. While the content of the show is heavy there's a lot of love and heart brought forth and some super talented millennial's bringing great work to the table. It's premiering this week 11/7 and already been issued a season 2. My role (Krista Phillips) as the somewhat displaced 34 year old mom to my 17 year old daughter (Anna Winters) is challenged by their dynamic relationship. I'm back to work in LA this week and delighted they have brought me on to recur this season as well. I hope you'll tune in, share it... become a subscriber and comment that you REALLY love my character (I'm kidding, unless you want to... thanks in advance, hee hee hee :)

Since I know wholeheartedly the majority of my amazing fan base began with my days playing the older girlfriend, Abby Haver, to Michael Corinthos (played by Chad Duell) on ABC's Emmy Award winning soap General Hospital, I always feel it necessary to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you as well... you genuinely have stuck by me in all my endeavors and continue to give so much support! 

I haven't had that many straight offers in my career but the one's I have, have turned out to be some of the best and become much more than I ever anticipated. Big bslessigs to say the least and I'm incredibly thankful to the powers whom decide to give me these opportunities. I'm a proud mamma to be back at it. Looking forward to working this month in LA and hope there is more to come. As long as Hollywood keeps calling... I'm enthusiastically picking up! 

Let me know what you think if you check out the show on-line... share it with your teens if you have them. Feel free to leave me a comment. Hope you enjoy and have a great week. Big Hugs


The Death of General Hospital's Abby Haver

Hi guys, I'm so excited you popped by.

After I published the blog post titled, My General Hospital Surprise, a dear friend reached out and said “I wanted to know what happened, how the death of your character made you feel and how you dealt with it.” He went on further to ask if I felt like a piece of me died with the character and how I got over it.  What a great question, right?

I had a dream a few months prior to the death of my fictional character, Abigail Martha Haver, where I'm caught by surprise as I read in my script that I die in an explosion and no one from the show had warned me this was going to happen. I guess you could say it was my subconscious warning me in a little nightmarish way.  However, General Hospitals lovely casting director, Mark Teschner was incredibly gracious by giving me a heads up it would be happening in a month or so, not too long after I had that dream.  ABC had received word that General Hospital would be the only soap left on air as All My Children and One Life were being canceled creating a lot of changes.  

Soaps In Depth 

Soaps In Depth 

Before Abby left for Chicago on a business trip she gave Michael a day planner filled with things they'd do together in the up coming year. It was her romantic way of saying "I want to be with you and look at all these things we can look forward to doing together."  She gives a passionate goodbye kiss and off to Chicago she went.  Neither her nor Michael knew that would be their last kiss, their last goodbye.

I knew this day would come since I wasn’t under a contract and frankly, I thought much sooner.  Without sounding like it was no big whoop, I had to keep my mind prepped for this.  The build-up to the last days neared and it was bittersweet. Hanging with Chad Duell on set goofing around, rehearsing together, starting to say my goodbyes and looking forward to what was next was all swirling around in my heart and my head. I had no idea how things would end. Wishful thinking had me hoping the writers would send Abby off for a bit to pursue her career elsewhere and have her pop back in to Port Charles occasionally.  I built up the idea that while other shows, networks and opportunities would be knocking on my door I'd be juggling jobs and feeling more and more accomplished.  This was positive thinking, with some high expectations. I wasn't anticipating a death or having my last on screen moment be in the morgue with the very talented, Chad's (Michael's), tears falling on my face as I (Abby), remained expressionless and dead.  My big, tough yet tender heart said ouch. This is acting though, right? 

The General Hospital team was wonderful and yet my own negative thoughts of everything from; you're too old, you gained weight, to your acting isn't good enough, you're not pretty enough, all clouded up the positive things I should have been focusing on during my exit. The excitement of going to work regularly playing Abby was over.  I was absolutely loosing a piece of myself.  Loss of a love for going to the same set regularly, bringing much of my essence to the role, putting my heart into my craft, the people you enjoy working with, the validation of being a working actress. It all messes with you and I felt more sad than I expected. Your psyche is suddenly challenged on how to let go in a new way.  I'm mourning the loss of a fictional character I played on TV, what?     

I mean for Abby, it was quick and sadly painful, she did get hit by a crane in a construction zone after all, but at least it was quick! As for myself, time started to pass with little opportunities and few jobs and I was in a slow downward spiral of self destruction, questioning everything, wallowing and didn't quite understand how to access my inner strength or awareness to pick myself back up yet.  Have you ever caught yourself masking feelings? I was trying to be great on the outside but when alone, I hated sitting with myself and judging it. 

You know that feeling when one thing gets you down? And if you wallow there,  you unintentionally self destruct by creating feelings that now everything is getting you down?  Suddenly the world is against you and the dark cloud is hovering over your head while everyone else seems to be thriving? Landing in these feelings the percolating confusion about my happiness was concerning. 

Photo by  Kevin Zacher

Photo by Kevin Zacher

Photo by  Matthew Arnold

Fearful I'd never work, find fulfillment, fall in love, get married, be a mom, feel happiness, be proud, etc.... you name it, I was worrying about it. 2012 became my year flooded with tears, emotions I didn’t want to feel and a search for purpose. I was fixated on all the things I didn't have and couldn't stop crying about it. Self loathing was imploding me.  My poor parents and closest friends were undeniably wonderful but I knew it was paining them to hear and see "happy Andrea" like this. The dreadful feeling of being unwanted was carrying such weight at the core of everything... this is where we have a chuckle together.  I chose to be an actress, which is often filled with more rejection and being unwanted than any other profession out there, perhaps?  I had to pause and look at what was working in my life; what activities, behaviors, creative outlets, people I surrounded myself with and life-style choices propelled the opposite of this unwanted feeling and do more of them. I needed to figure out what it takes to balance out the highs and lows of my career. I realized it was in fact a choice and I wanted to be happy. 

This experience and the self work it forced me to do taught me valuable lessons about expectations, letting go of the past, a need to have my future perfectly planned out and to BE MORE PRESENT. It lead me to deeply explore the healing powers we have with-in when we choose to show up for ourselves.  I am an optimistic, glass half full kinda gal. Regardless of type of person you may label yourself as, let me encourage you to check-in with your mind, body, spirit connection.  I can assure you, you are far more powerful than you may realize.

Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

I had been practicing yoga for almost three years sporadically. I knew it was positively affecting my mind and body and yet I wasn't extremely consistent. I often felt the pull to get to a class during times of adversity so this was one of the major things I brought awareness into and listened. My yoga mat and my ego soon became my two best friends. I had a lot of stuff to let go of and the more I hit my mat the more these things fell away.  Breathing deeply, grounding yourself and finding stillness will stir the pot. Emotions get revealed, awareness starts to stare at you in the face and it's up to you to decide what you want to do with the challenges. Trapped in thinking that if I wasn't on set working I didn't have a purpose was an association that I had to detach from and I did. I connected with one instructor in particular whose class is beautifully orchestrated in mindfulness and strength with an emphasis on the practice being much more than just burning calories and flowing through postures. In this personal journey I began to discover the connection to my inner self and I leaned into all the discomforts, tears and disappointments. Instead of pushing them away I became more accepting of my own truth. It's remarkable when this begins to click. 

As I praise yoga for the healing I've found,  it's also important that I convey, transformation happens when you're ready to address the changes you'd like to make for yourself and take the steps to see them become present and consistent. In my experience, it probably won't be just one thing, it will be several, so open your heart up to that.  My yoga practice was the gift that shined light into the dark corners inspiring me to create a happier life and seek transformation. It glimmered in front of me saying "please learn more about me and share me with the world."  I am inspired and addicted to the everyday joys of life and open to the knowing and trusting that this is always a work in progress. 

Those of you who don't know, as I dove back into teaching tiny dancers every Sunday, that passion brought sprinkles of exceptional joy to my life. I combined that love for teaching with my curiosity to develop a strong yoga practice and became a certified yoga instructor in 2013 and haven't looked back.  If you read my first Inspirational Addict blog post titled My Journey To Becoming A Yoga Instructor you'll get a pick up from where this is going to leave off.  I've gone on to have very successful years as an actress and lull's. The message that I hope you all take away from this that we're all in this together. There are more people today seeking ways to calm the mind, find balance, and heal from the moments that knock us down and sometimes take a beat to get up from than ever before. The hope is that you never stop learning about yourself and how to get back up because you can. I absolutely believe in YOU!

While it remains unknown if Abby Haver will rise from the dead and appear back in Port Charles, I will continue to be grateful for all the moments I had playing her. I was a part of a wonderful show with such talented people and I shall relish in how much I learned and grew from her death. I am thankful. If there is anything you want to share with me... I'm just a comment or e-mail away, I love hearing from you.

Thank you Jake Ferrer for inspiring me to write about this.  Also as mentioned in my video log, a big thank you to the fans for keeping Abby's spirit alive with all the tweets and shout outs you continue to send out into the universe. The memorable youtube videos are fun to get caught up watching every so often as they bring back some really special memories in life for me. Special thanks to GQJJFan's channel for the one above. And I thank Chadly Pants for his occasional silly outburst! 

All Images from set  ABC General Hospital

All Images from set  ABC General Hospital

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us
— Marianne Williamson

Visit my youtube channel for more videos I favorited at one time or another from all the awesome fans! Thank you to Heather Gofstein for this one too.


I love opening up DEADLINE and seeing friends, students and acquaintances take over the headlines, it's incredibly inspiring!  Hollywood Life can constantly remind you of what you don't have or haven't accomplished yet, like many other career paths, but my BIG AND BOLD question to us all is.... WHY WOULD WE LET IT?  

I take pride in always striving to show genuine love and support to others. Joining the philanthropic women's goals group THE NEW HOLLYWOOD last year reassured me that my excitement to be motivated by others is steadfast and ever growing.  TNH wants to inspire everyone to rise higher, shine brighter and give back.  Heck yes, this is my kind of people!  I'm thankful. 

All my actor pals out there know the vibes that exist in the variety of casting offices we land in. You're running your dialog in your head over and over, waiting for your turn to shine. You look around checking out how each other dressed for the part, probably bump into a friend or two and say a quick hello, not to distract each other from remaining focused and take a moment to ground yourself.

My tips for getting grounded quick:

  1. Feel your feet in your shoes, feel the support from the floor beneath you
  2. One to three deep inhales and exhales (in the nose out the mouth)
  3. Say a little mantra or prayer if that's your thing, mine is: "I release myself from needing this job, the work is done, let's have some fun"
  4. Smile, send good luck vibes around the room and maybe even a "break legs" to the others waiting as you leave

We've all put in some dedication to our craft if we're getting into rooms to audition.  Doing the work and hitting home runs is what is in our control.  Accepting whom ever is meant to get the job will get the job is what helps me let go of any comparisons or drifts into negative thoughts. Believe in yourself and let go. 

Between meditation and a consistent yoga practice, I trust my 'tool kit' I've acquired and allow myself to continuously expand. This is a practice. I think our natural tendency is to go right to the things you don't have, wish you were doing more of and cling to failures rather than successes.  I also think most would agree, we WANT our natural tendency to lean into the positive rather than the negative, right?  So lets make it happen. We have the power with-in!  

Monument site at  Sarnath, INDIA  where Buddha delivered his first teaching. Photo by Erik Almas

Monument site at Sarnath, INDIA where Buddha delivered his first teaching. Photo by Erik Almas

Massive congrats out there to all of you working hard, showing up for yourself with some compassion, gratitude and dedication toward all that you're up to.  For those visible in the headlines, I'm so proud of you!  I'm inspired to continue on my own personal journey of thriving as an actress, sharing my passion as a yoga instructor and loving writing and sharing with you all right here through Inspirational Addict

There's a beautiful song I love by Trevor Hall called "You Can't Rush Your Healing."  One of the lyrics is;  'you're not running out, you're really running in,' which holds a lot of strength and power for me as I embrace becoming more self aware and appreciating who I am. All the parts, even the ones I don't clap for.  

One last tip if you are curious and interested in beginning a meditation practice or growing a more consistent one, Oprah and Deepak do a wonderful FREE 21-day challenge a few times a year that really helped me get started. My first time I only managed 8 days, then the second round I really committed and now I am proud to say I regularly meditate. It was a challenge for sure, it still is some days. Enjoy the journey.

Click for the intro about the Mediation Experience  and register if you like. It starts March 21, 2016.  


Be your own cheerleader. Surround yourself with others who will support you and encourage you. Be brave and loving as you give that same support to others who cross paths with you. 

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.
— Buddha

NIKE The Future Is Fast


Behind the scenes reporting from the set of NIKE The Future Is Fast commercial.  This spot is fantastic, I love it! I now chuckle.... join me please because when you see the spot you'll see a flash of what appears to be a blonde, which is me, but if you blink you will miss it!  So don't blink!

The process of booking a commercial is a fun one.  From the time you receive the audition to choosing the right clothes fitting the role, driving, waiting for your turn amongst the hundreds of actors casting sees and springing into the room delivering an eye catching performance, you've dedicated some time to it. Then, if you're a strong contender, you'll be put on avail (a term most of us cringe at; availability for shoot dates are checked and you are to hold them open) and then if you are the lucky one, on to the booking (yay!), next is the fitting and finally on set to shoot.  This is where I've learned to embrace that day/ days and all its glory because what happens after that is completely unknown and unpredictable.  

The financial reward in booking a commercial comes from how much it airs so you have be prepared that it may air some, a lot or perhaps... never, so that's why being grateful for the booking and the shoot is a wonderful place to leave it all.  There's always a chance to be downgraded or edited out of a spot too or one spot can turn into a two versions so then you make double.  Anything can really happen.  Shooting a commercial is lovely and I get excited because often it is the gift that just keeps giving and you do your little happy dance every time someone texts you and says they just saw your commercial again! 

I may not be making huge dollars on this particular spot but here's what I know for sure; Several things aligned for me to book this bad boy, I was flown to the awesome city of San Fransisco to shoot it, the talented, hilarious actors in the spot with me made a long day really enjoyable together and I was asked out on a first date with Erik Almas (my dream boat) while I was in SF shooting it.  I share all this because you never know what one moment, one opportunity, one gift (if you see it as one) may lead to. 

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen
— unknown

So for this NIKE spot which is super, that I'm barely in and will not get rich off of... I cherish so many things that came with this shoot for I became more rich in other ways.  I'm inspired by these moments.  When has one door opened some other surprises for you? I'd love to hear about it!

Here's a little fun, if you can spot the Pro Athlete who's in the section of the commercial I'm in leave his name in the comments below... remember don't blink :)

View NIKE The Future Is Fast on my YouTube Channel