Happy National Best Friends Day

It's hard to keep up with all the Celebrated Best Day's erupting over social media anymore... but National Best Friends Day deserves a shout out! Take a moment, stroll down memory lane and think of the best friends you've had growing up and the special humans that are in your life today. Did you ever share a best friends necklace? I always felt I needed more halves, you? I wanted to wear it with more than just one friend, I still feel that today.

We all share something universal in this notion of having friends. A person or persons you share your up's and down's with and your funny and embarrassing moments.  It's that phone call you pick up, the ears that listen, the voice with sound advice you trust, honor and respect and wrap your heartfelt love and support into. Did you know that having friendships is essential to living a balanced, healthy life? So pick up the phone and say "thank you" to that best friend or friends that you surround yourself with. 

Friends are like Angels who lift you up when your wings have forgotten how to fly
— Pinterest

From so many different chapters of my life, I have the fondest memories I cherish with some wonderful humans and even my pets throughout childhood that nurtured a relationship in what I consider to be a best friend. Thank you, every last one of you! 

What does having a best friend mean to you? Honor those in your life with a little extra love, even if it's just done in spirit! 

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