I'm such a fan of sharing things I love! This is one beauty product must have. LiLash was originally referred to me by one of my girlfriends' who has light blue eyes.  Her aunts with light eyes were using this product and raving about it. Apprehensive to use other lash growth serums due to the concerns of eye color potentially being effected this seemed to be the one working the best. I concur.  The length is gorgeous, growth is seemingly quick and a little goes a long way. 

                     Getty Images  Red Carpet Event for  People Style Watch

                    Getty Images Red Carpet Event for People Style Watch

The photo above is from the first time period I started using LiLash and could see the results. When friends started asking about my lashes, I delightfully replied "you have to try LiLash, it really works".  I often do my own make-up and rely on being as low maintenance as possible so it's nice to have a product that is simple to use and gives me lashes worth batting around. "Careful, you might just cause a breeze if you wink",  was actually a pick up line I enjoyed. 

As an actress, there are times I'm fortunate enough to attend gifting suites, graciously receiving products to try. I've experimented with a hand full of different brands of lash growth serums now and I'm in love with LiLash because it has given the best results. Back to LiLash I go!

Thank you LiLiash for sending me this beautiful set of LiLash and LiBrow. I can't wait to see the lashes I love again and some brow growth–bonus!  With a clean face I give you my current lashes as of June 3rd, 2016! Stay tuned for an update as these babies grow! 

             Before photo: June 3, 2016

             Before photo: June 3, 2016


Friends, are you using LiLash? Tell me about your experience if so, snap a pic of your gorgeous lashes and share it with me by tagging #InspirationalAddictLiLash @andreabogart. If not... I ask why? Thanks for popping by!

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