NIKE The Future Is Fast


Behind the scenes reporting from the set of NIKE The Future Is Fast commercial.  This spot is fantastic, I love it! I now chuckle.... join me please because when you see the spot you'll see a flash of what appears to be a blonde, which is me, but if you blink you will miss it!  So don't blink!

The process of booking a commercial is a fun one.  From the time you receive the audition to choosing the right clothes fitting the role, driving, waiting for your turn amongst the hundreds of actors casting sees and springing into the room delivering an eye catching performance, you've dedicated some time to it. Then, if you're a strong contender, you'll be put on avail (a term most of us cringe at; availability for shoot dates are checked and you are to hold them open) and then if you are the lucky one, on to the booking (yay!), next is the fitting and finally on set to shoot.  This is where I've learned to embrace that day/ days and all its glory because what happens after that is completely unknown and unpredictable.  

The financial reward in booking a commercial comes from how much it airs so you have be prepared that it may air some, a lot or perhaps... never, so that's why being grateful for the booking and the shoot is a wonderful place to leave it all.  There's always a chance to be downgraded or edited out of a spot too or one spot can turn into a two versions so then you make double.  Anything can really happen.  Shooting a commercial is lovely and I get excited because often it is the gift that just keeps giving and you do your little happy dance every time someone texts you and says they just saw your commercial again! 

I may not be making huge dollars on this particular spot but here's what I know for sure; Several things aligned for me to book this bad boy, I was flown to the awesome city of San Fransisco to shoot it, the talented, hilarious actors in the spot with me made a long day really enjoyable together and I was asked out on a first date with Erik Almas (my dream boat) while I was in SF shooting it.  I share all this because you never know what one moment, one opportunity, one gift (if you see it as one) may lead to. 

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen
— unknown

So for this NIKE spot which is super, that I'm barely in and will not get rich off of... I cherish so many things that came with this shoot for I became more rich in other ways.  I'm inspired by these moments.  When has one door opened some other surprises for you? I'd love to hear about it!

Here's a little fun, if you can spot the Pro Athlete who's in the section of the commercial I'm in leave his name in the comments below... remember don't blink :)

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