Tap Coffee of London

Tap Coffee  in London will appease those coffee lovers needs for sure.  The delicious jolt of caffeine and rich smooth taste of espresso in my soy milk cappuccino was just what a wicked morning stroll through streets called for.  There are only a few so keep your eyes peeled for them. 

Photo by me

Photo by me

It’s a quaint, hip spot with a slogan #BuyBetterCoffee which we got a kick out of and it held up to that.  Upon ordering you get a glass bottle with a face card inside as your 'order ID' if you will... and boom, brew delivery to your seat. Should you want a punch card- buy 6 get one free, snag one. Who doesn't love a reward for being diligent with your caffeine fix. 

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Our ambition is to inspire a new coffee drinking culture, where the quality of ingredients rule and the craft of the barista is recognized
— Tap Coffee

If you've been to Tap Coffee let me know what you had? Any comments are welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 


Source: http://www.tapcoffee.co.uk/shops.html