Want a Safe And Clean Deodorant— I Found The BEST One

Hi there gang, how’s your week going? I’m excited to share with you another discovery that has been incorporated into my essential skin care routine and the resourceful woman behind it all.

Is what’s in your deodorant important to you? Do you take a holistic approach to wellness and product choices? Ten + years ago I was unconcerned and uneducated. Today, these things are incredibly important and ever-evolving for me as I learn more about how toxins of many forms can effect our over-all health. Choosing what we put on our skin can be overwhelming and without educating ourselves and making our own wellness guideline preferences, we only have pretty packaging and convincing marketing strategies influencing our decisions.

Enthusiastically over the past decade now I’ve been ditching the bad stuff and choosing cleaner products that are free of parabens and preservatives. Finding a deodorant that works has been a challenge until now. Benedetta’s BEST Deodorant is the first one that I’ve felt works with my natural body scent, leaves a freshness and helps with sweat. There’s a thoughtful formulation created to achieve these very results.


I loved chatting with Benedetta founder, Julia Faller. She’s a believer in adhering to organic & biodynamic practices as she began her skin care formulations. One could call her a pioneer in this industry with over 20 years of expertise in her Farm-Sourced® Holistic Skin Care Line that’s completely made from plants and botanicals.

My Interview With Julia

ANDREA: Briefly tell me how you became interested in holistic health and how Benedetta evolved out of that?

JULIA: It was a process of who I am as a human being and what my choices were at an early age, and how that propelled me into conscious living and conscious thinking. Spiritually, I was looking for the truth in the way I saw my life. I searched for the guru, the yoga master… I think all of those things pave way. If you’re taking yoga or you have a meditation practice or a discipline, whatever that discipline is— it really does bring you into a state of consciousness and through that all things are possible. I think my lifestyle of many decades by the 1980’s initiated my desire to create something that nutritionally fed the skin. I started with the hydrating elixir’s without a vision or marketing plan for more. After seeing it’s usefulness, the elixir’s became the catalyst for the full line to evolve.

ANDREA: What is IN The Best Deodorant? And what makes it THE BEST? (I concur)

JULIA: There is a proprietary blend of eight essential oils that are all locally sourced here in California and a biodynamic blend of a certified organic grape vitis vinifera alcohol. The specific formulation has everything to do with why it works. It targets odor causing bacteria and supports bringing the body into balance. Most people want less sweating and while I wasn’t going to do an antiperspirant, I did look at what oils could help counteract the bacteria that causes excessive sweating. We often hear people say “natural deodorants don’t work.” We sample this quite a lot because it’s important for our customers to see for themselves. It’s Benedetta’s best selling product and we are thrilled with the response.

ANDREA: What is your mission?

JULIA: It really began with service first. What I mean by that is, creating something that didn’t exist, finding buyers that didn’t exist at a time it just didn’t exist. It’s no different for the deodorant or anything that I do. At that time, I was appalled and outraged that the Marin county women had the greatest incidents of breast cancer in our country. I thought it was my duty to create something that wasn’t on the shelves. There really weren’t any deodorants that were free of parabens even at health food stores and I went to those places to let them know they were selling stuff that really wasn’t clean. I don’t know how loud my voice was but I’ve learned to think I’m a little intense— (we have a laugh). Within a couple of years everyone began talking about parabens being not so great and studies were being done. I didn’t look at marketing first or where to make the money, it’s truly been about service.

Tip from Julia: One thing I’d ask your readers to consider when choosing skin care & body care products or anything topical is to know what the purpose and function is behind it, holistically.

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I won’t list the natural deodorants I’ve tried previously but I’ve done a lot of experimenting and I’m not kidding when I say, I feel like I smell worse after having used some of them. In my experience, Benedetta’s Best Deodorant is doing 100% of what Julia has shared the products purpose and function is. After the first few uses I felt dryer, almost odorless and like I could use it every other day and feel fresh.

I’m so inspired by people like Julia who are passionate about helping where there’s a need for products that are safe and clean. We both agree, that it’s wonderful to see the trend of clean products making a huge statement more than ever and how loud we are as consumers. Julia has been paving the way with a line we should all get more familiar with.

Check out Benedetta’s full skin care line and don’t forget to get THE BEST DEODORANT with my discount code by clicking below. Enter ANDREA30 at check out for the full size.

I’ll be sampling the deodorant at some of my Sonoma Yoga Events coming the end of the month, if you’re in the area come see me and get your sample, if you love it… share that with me, with us!

Thank you so much for popping by today. Your comments are always welcome here and cheers to safer, cleaner product choices!