Let's Make World Kindness Day Everyday

Hi everyone, Happy World Kindness Day! What can you do to consciously add more kindness into your life? This is a win win for all and worthy of thinking about.

I started writing this blog last week not knowing world kindness day was today, Nov. 13th. I love synchronicity. There is no time like the present to be more mindful about kindness. Are you with me?


You can never go wrong when you think, act & engage from a place of kindness. Do you know people like this? The type that light up rooms with their infectious energy and can turn a dim environment into people laughing and smiling suddenly? We all have the capability of being this type of person. It’s often our stories we tell ourselves, disappointments, insecurities and layers of things that weigh us down throughout life that get in our own way. Kindness is pure and simple. It’s an innate emotion to be shared and felt by all. 

Do you remember your first feeling of kindness? We are so tiny when we learn to smile, wave hello & goodbye, share things, blow kisses, say please, thank you & you're welcome. The manners we are taught as children is where it begins and how we choose to carry that into adulthood is up to us. Kindness creates connection which can have a beautiful rippling affect. How you make others feel says a lot about who you are.  

Let's get our wheels turning:

  1. Think kind thoughts toward yourself
  2. Connect to others with smiles and simple manners during your day
  3. Do a random act of kindness and enjoy the reaction
Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world
— Pema Chodron