You ready?  You too can work out with TMAC FITNESS by founder, Todd McCullough, like I did to get one heck of a work out in just 20 minutes. Take a cruise around Todds' website and your interest in getting your MIND RIGHT will be effected instantly. Clear some space and give it your all for 20 minutes. We can all sweat, smile and feel like a bad ass together!

Take TMAC with you as he's curated some amazing fitness programs for everyone that can be done anywhere. He encourages opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle for the busy individual.... and who isn't busy these days? 

I was introduced to Todd a few years ago and he's been an incredible source of inspiration and wonderful human being to get to know.  After picking his brain a lot about how he maintains and continues to grow his fitness business and seeing how grounded and spiritually connected he is, I knew he was someone who would become a great friend. 

When Todd asked if I'd like to be in one of his 20 minute videos I jumped at the opportunity to work with him.  Creating an overall healthy lifestyle has been much of my focus the past several years. With teaching as much yoga as I do, I often neglect doing cardio and exercises that get my heart rate up on a consistent basis.  After shooting THE LOOKER I was inspired to work on my tush by incorporating more squats into my weekly fitness routine; like the 10/2 jump squats and single legged squats you see (and hopefully will try) in our video. 

I'm thankful Todd has been encouraging for me and is always connecting like minded people creating partnerships that compliment each other's work and aspirations. 

Know the WHY behind everything you do. I work out because it makes me better in every aspect of my life-it empowers me. I encourage you to think of your workouts with more of a holistic perspective. The physical results will happen because you are shifting your mindset from short term gains to an empowering lifestyle.
— Todd McCullough