Do you know Prince Ea?

Hello open hearted, motivated people. If you haven't seen any of the works of this inspiring individual, let me introduce you to Prince Ea

I was moved to tears last night as I was wrapping up my day and saw this post at the top of my feed on Face Book. Inspired by his passion, his humble approach to share motivation and encourage us all as individuals to trust we have so much power with-in, I want to share it here as well. May it lift you up and make you smile and understand that none of us are alone in the rollercoaster of life. I love his messages. I'm grateful for people like him spreading light and love and compassion that we can all relate to.

Follow Prince Ea on Face Book - Parents I think he's good one for the teens?

If it moves you the way it did me, let me hear about it, comment or share! All thoughts are always welcome. I thank my brother for initially introducing me to the works of this awesome human who's also representing St. Louis, Missouri... my home sweet home.