Twinkle Toes & Magical Wands

For many glorious years I've seen sparkly tutu's and ballet slippers pitter patter across studio floors.  Hearing the voices of tiny dancers waking up their toes sharing sweet nothings and bringing so much joy to my life. We've dusted the dirt off our shoulders while bouncing to the beat of Kidz Bop tunes, tumbled down a giant cheese wedge, shuffled our taps,  stomped on sticky cinnamon rolls, twirled with magic in our wands and painted pictures in the sky. 

Can you see it? This is just a peek into what it's like teaching dance and tumbling to young children. As an instructor, there's a wonderful opportunity to see how incredible and unique each child is and embrace it fully, as they are truly the one's teaching me. 

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

My parents enrolled me into dance at age three and it became the activity I flourished in and developed a great passion for. The discipline, dedication and support I had lead to building confidence, acceptance, winning and loosing and gave me an outlet to explore and dream about. I was fortunate my family believed in my talent and encouraged me without discouraging pressures. Teachers & coaches we're super humans that I looked up to and admired. I'm thankful, as they all played a part in inspiring me to want to teach. 



There are many things that fill my heart and working with children is at the top of that list. The imagination in them is remarkable as they're not yet burdened by self-doubt and view the world as one enormous playground. As adults we can learn to re-discover our innocent, experimental approach to life, if we choose to. These years of teaching have opened my mind and heart to connect to that playful energy source that brings a lot of fun and laughter into my days. The families and little tinies that cross my path have truly given me so much to look forward to as I can see that being a parent must just be the most remarkable thing! 

Thank you to Center Stage Dance LA  and Miss Rosie for giving me a wonderful place to teach in my earlier years of living in LA and most recently to Sophie Dance and Miss Sophie for where I've spent the last several years.  I'm so grateful.

If you have any questions or comments or want to share anything... say hello. I love hearing from you!