What is Get My Body Back (#GMBB4) All About?

Hello! I'm inspired to share the official Invitation to the GET MY BODY BACK 4 Elective by "The New Hollywood" (TNH) starting September 13th through December 12th! Click the link for the details. 

Photo by:  Erik Almas    —  Quote:  Pema Chodron

Photo by: Erik Almas   —  Quote: Pema Chodron

Do you wish you got more sleep, drank more water,  started a meditation practice, took walks frequently, ate healthier meals, carved out space just for you or engaged in more mindful activities with friends or loved ones... to suggest a few? HERE IS YOUR YOUR CHANCE, WITH A COMMUNITY SUPPORTING YOU! We all learn from accountably. Receiving and giving support with my TNH Members has changed my life for the better. There's a drive to continue to grow and pay that energy forward in a variety of ways. For #GMBB4 we put our money where our mouths are, involving a beautiful charity aspect. Choose something, anything, big or small that you believe will create a healthier, happier lifestyle for YOU– let's do this!

The New Hollywood Women’s Goal Group Inc. is a philanthropic women’s goal group and 501c3 non-profit. TNH wants to inspire everyone to Rise Higher, Shine Brighter and Give Back! The four pillars of our organization are: goals, support, education and charity. Join our movement, on line community and quarterly newsletter by signing our pledge page
— The New Hollywood

As a member and leader with the TNH Elective I will commit to three months of meditation, 10 minutes of core work daily and I will post an Inspirational Addict blog every Sunday to warm your soul on your journey!  Along side me, motiving us all will be; Pina De Rosa, Annie Tedesco, Alexis Carra Girbés, Jenny Parsinen Bergold, Julie DelaBarre, Tracy Samson, Brianna Brown. 

My experience from participating last year helped get me into a regular meditation practice, drinking more water and the booty lift I craved happened! I felt supported and loved encouraging those involved as we faced our challenges and successes together.

My Mom had joined me and committed to three days of walking a week & succeeded. My boyfriend and I meditated and drank a full glass of water upon waking up. Erik additionally added his own push-up's and sit-up's and I did booty work (as I mentioned.) It wasn't easy but as we held each other accountable WE SUCCEEDED and FELT AMAZING! 

Should we have a quick chat about resistance?  Do you often feel it toward the things you know you'd benefit the most from actually committing to? I certainly do. I was resistant last year to join #GMBB3 and although it was a great experience, I've had resistance toward it again this year? WHAT... why? We all face resistance when it comes to commitment. Even more-so when it's about the things we should & want to do more of. It's like our psyches messing with us saying are you sure you CAN do this?  We need to respond with a roaring HECK YES

Lean into it, connect with your courage and listen to your heart... what do you need the most right now? Take my hand.... I'm with you all the way.

What you GET by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals
— Henry David Thoreau