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Hello lovelies. How are you guys? Can you believe it’s Fall already? I’m still catching 100 degree temperatures in wine country so I haven’t quite felt the shift, but I know it’s coming and I always look forward to this time of year. More to come on Fall soon…

Today I want to do a quick share of a recent podcast episode I was fortunate to be a guest on. Most of you who’ve been reading for a while know that this blog largely developed as I was evolving from probably the darkest time in my life. I was trying desperately to shift out of leading my days with fear to wholeheartedly wanting to be happy and more joyful and believe in the life I truly wanted, hence where Inspirational Addict was born. We get into to some of that on this on the podcast, I know it’s a worthy listen and not to mention fun.

My incredibly talented and dear friend Michael Rosenbaum , (you may notably remember him as Lex Luthor from Smallville, among a million other things) is talking all things LOVE and GRATITUDE with his awesome co-host Chris Sullivan from the hit show "This Is Us", on their newly launched In Love Podcast and Emerie and I got to be guests.

It was my first time meeting Chris, and I just adored every morsel of this human. I couldn’t be more proud of Michael for choosing to be vulnerable and talking about the partnership he hopes to find someday. While we are chatting a little bit about our dating past and a whole lot more of our last several years of friendship.... I think the most important bits are about the self-realization that Chris, Michael and I have all had about how a shift in perspective can create miracles, but it takes work. I’m really appreciative for having space to share that some of my most challenging times lead me to fully surrender and say I want more for myself, I want to be happy, how can I do the work and transform my life and pay that forward to others.

Andrea goes on to share how with a little self care and transformation through yoga, she was able to flip her negative mindstate and manifest the relationship and beautiful family she is building now.
— In Love Podcast

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With Love and Gratitude

XOXO Andrea