This week we’re IN LOVE with Andrea Bogart—Guest Podcast

Hello lovelies. How are you guys? Can you believe it’s Fall already? I’m still catching 100 degree temperatures in wine country so I haven’t quite felt the shift, but I know it’s coming and I always look forward to this time of year. More to come on Fall soon…

Today I want to do a quick share of a recent podcast episode I was fortunate to be a guest on. Most of you who’ve been reading for a while know that this blog largely developed as I was evolving from probably the darkest time in my life. I was trying desperately to shift out of leading my days with fear to wholeheartedly wanting to be happy and more joyful and believe in the life I truly wanted, hence where Inspirational Addict was born. We get into to some of that on this on the podcast, I know it’s a worthy listen and not to mention fun.

My incredibly talented and dear friend Michael Rosenbaum , (you may notably remember him as Lex Luthor from Smallville, among a million other things) is talking all things LOVE and GRATITUDE with his awesome co-host Chris Sullivan from the hit show "This Is Us", on their newly launched In Love Podcast and Emerie and I got to be guests.

It was my first time meeting Chris, and I just adored every morsel of this human. I couldn’t be more proud of Michael for choosing to be vulnerable and talking about the partnership he hopes to find someday. While we are chatting a little bit about our dating past and a whole lot more of our last several years of friendship.... I think the most important bits are about the self-realization that Chris, Michael and I have all had about how a shift in perspective can create miracles, but it takes work. I’m really appreciative for having space to share that some of my most challenging times lead me to fully surrender and say I want more for myself, I want to be happy, how can I do the work and transform my life and pay that forward to others.

Andrea goes on to share how with a little self care and transformation through yoga, she was able to flip her negative mindstate and manifest the relationship and beautiful family she is building now.
— In Love Podcast

Let us know what you think... If you enjoy it leave a review and share with your friends, become a subscriber. THANK YOU for all your continued support gang.

With Love and Gratitude

XOXO Andrea


FINISH THE YEAR STRONG with The New Hollywood And I

Hello hello, September is here... shall we make it a MINDFUL September to remember?

There is no doubt we could probably all use a little more; meditation, in-take of healthy foods and water, or perhaps that eight hours of sleep you know you function better with or making that yoga class you’ve been dying to start consistently— am I a little right? It may also be that you desire making a shift with a not so awesome habit into something that supports the best version of yourself. There’s usually something we would like to carve out more time for or something we’d like to change, stop or start.

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Let’s first think about our LOVE for September…. what do you enjoy about this time of year? The last days of summer are gently being swept away as the cooler breeze delivers fresh morning smells, foggy sunrises and those put your back into it school vibes. As fall nears and our full harvest moon arrives we have an opportunity to release and reset for a magical season ahead. Pause for a moment in that September energy and think about it. If something notable arises, jot that down on paper.

After a summer of travel, family visits and pretty much endless amounts of fun— I’m loving that September brings a feeling of being grounded and I’m ready to hit a reset button and clarify what I want the end of the year to look like, mind, body spirit.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Wine Country Wellness, Erik Almas Photography

I'm inspired to share the official Invitation to the TNH “FINISH THE YEAR STRONG” (formerly "Get My Body Back") online support program starting September 18th!

WHAT IS IT: This is a 12 week wellness challenge open to the public (elective) that helps you accomplish your health and wellness habits by putting your money where your goals are!

HOW IT WORKS: Achieve your goal, your charity of choice wins! Your $100 registration fee goes to your charity of choice. It's that simple!

WHAT IF I DON'T ACHIEVE MY GOAL? Well then your $100 goes back into the pot and will go towards the winners' charities! So it's a win/win!

We have expert health and wellness volunteers and an online Facebook page to support you with inspiration and guidance to reach your goals— what you put in is what you get out!

You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more
— Oprah Winfrey

Twelve weeks is a long commitment, I know. The first year I had major resistance about committing and now this is my fourth year leading as an expert to help support. It's a beautiful way to end the year strong and hopefully invest in some new habits that become a way of life. That's what it's done for me and why I'm eager to get you on board. When you get honest with yourself, make a deal to start where you are and believe in your undeniable courage & strength to grow... You WILL be a better YOU! Sometimes the connection with others going through transitions and change is just what we need to stay motivated and on our wellness path. Join us and share with your friends and community. Help each other rise and stay connected.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Wine Country Wellness, Erik Almas Photography

Thank you for stopping by and I really look forward to any of you joining us for the TNH “FINISH THE YEAR STRONG” Clicking the link will take you to the sign up! Biggest hugs and well wishes for you and your journey!

xoxo Andrea


The Practices of Yoga and Revitalizing Self Care

Hello hello, Happy AUGUST, how are you guys? I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Are you doing anything that helps you feel REVITALIZED? You deserve it… so I hope so!

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In partnership with Chateau Sonoma Self Care we just held our first retreat together here in my hometown of Sonoma. We wanted to create a one-day retreat that would REVITALIZE YOUR SOUL and offer a summer reboot and I have to humbly say, it was every bit of that. If you don’t know Chateau Sonoma you should definitely take a cruise on line and come visit if you make your way to Northern California. My husband and I quickly fell in love with the antique french shop for so many reasons and soon became big fans of the woman behind the shop, Sarah Anderson. I had know idea when Sarah and I met we would bring some ideas together and end up with such a beautiful day sharing some of our aligned loves; yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic farm-to-table foods and living life fully— but we did it! I’m grateful for everyone who came to the retreat and shared a piece of themselves with us. It was inspiring and a wonderful way to connect with each other in this divine communal way. Sarah truly has a love for all things wellness along side her exquisite talents that celebrates the art of purposeful living and decorating. It’s been an honor and delight to partner with her and we look forward to doing more together.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Wine Country Wellness, Erik Almas Photography, Chateau Sonoma Farm

Sarah asked me some great questions on The Practices of Yoga and Revitalizing Self Care as we embarked on our retreat planning for Chateau Sonoma’s blog. It’s always a joy for me to write and share some about my journey. I hope you enjoy my interview with Sarah and Chateau Sonoma Self Care. Stay tuned for more events to come.


ANDREA: I always encourage people to find the practice that works for them and that takes some mindful exploring. After living in Japan after college, I became interested in Buddhist practices. As I moved to LA, the popularity of yoga was becoming mainstream. My first class was lots of sitting and chanting and not much movement. At the time I was bored and confused as to why people would spend time doing this in a class setting, I chuckle now—I knew little about yoga or the benefits of the varying types of practices. Cut to several years later, {Click to read full interview}

More blogs are on the way gang, thank you for your continued support in all I do! I’m avidly working on some mindful Children’s stories with the hopes of getting published so that’s why I’ve been a little bit slower with publishing blogs. Biggest hugs for a happy, healthy August and a reminder your questions and comments are always welcome here.


Bay Area Teacher Highlight By SFYOGA Magazine

Hello hello everyone. How are you guys doing out there? I hope Spring is bringing a sense of cleansing, renewal and clarity to each of you. Leading yoga is so very dear to my heart and there’s not a practice that goes by without me feeling incredibly blessed for what it does for my soul and the inspiration I get from people sharing that space with me. I am honored to be highlighted as a Bay area yoga instructor and wanted to share the interview article from SF Yoga Magazine. [click link for article]

Big thank you to the team at SF Yoga Magazine for this support. I’m newer to the area and so honored they’ve been publishing my blogs along side giving me this shout out. What a treat and lovely welcome to this yoga community.

If you’re in the bay area come join me for a class anytime or send me an e-mail if you’re interested in doing an event together. Thank you for the support and for popping by here! You can find more at my yoga website as well from past events I’ve lead, programs I offer and my current schedule Have a beautiful week!



Why Every Kid Needs A Morning Routine

As a lifelong yogi and new mother, I'm continuously inspired to bring the mindfulness I've been practicing for the past decade into our home and child's upbringing. [Read full article published on MindBodyGreen]

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I’m so grateful for platforms like MindBodyGreen sharing so much wonderful information and to be a contributor for sharing content I’m passionate about. If you like this article please also check out How To Get Your Kids To Meditate. Thank you for popping by, your comments are always welcome here!


Eating Can Be Challenging—Why I Turned To Michael Pollan's Books For Help

Hello everyone— food, food, food, it’s a big topic isn’t it? If you’re not incredibly curious about our nations food industry yet, can I invite you to be? Organic, Non-GMO, Natural Flavors, Gluten Free, Local, Cage-Free… the labeling list goes on and it can be challenging to navigate your way without asking some questions and leaning on resources that provide honest and integral information. And— let’s be real, simply taking charge yourself is a pretty good decision.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Nutritional living, Erik Almas Photo

I became increasingly curious several years ago when health issues of my own started to arise. After seeing a holistic doctor over several months, I made vast changes with my nutrition and began a new relationship with what I put in my body. This combined with my yoga practice, which lead to me getting certified, became a healing journey I wanted to pay forward. I was excited to share how a commitment to mindful living could change my students lives the way mine was and I hope to continue sharing for a long long time. As I was just beginning to teach, one of my best friends and wildly successful Hollywood personal trainers, Jason Walsh handed me two of Michael Pollan’s books to read and said they have everything you need to know about nutrition. I read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food”, both of which I loved. I have a heartfelt wish for everyone out there to be able to eat and have access to affordable organic, nutritional food regularly. Our choices for ourselves and our families plays a major part in our overall well being. Leading experts in the industry and my personal interest in learning have been guides for me when I was single and especially now that I’m a wife and mother and preparing meals for our family.

With more and more independent filmmakers producing nutrition-focused documentaries raising eyebrows and providing a plethora of information… although resourceful, often one is left feeling confused about what we should actually eat. Pollan’s “In Defense Of Food”, tackles this very question and sheds light on our incertitude being at the hand of marketers, journalist and scientists who’m often have much to gain by this. Can we as consumers take responsibility to educate ourselves and do the best we can for the life we want to live? I say “absolutely.” I’m with Pollan, who simply says, “avoid food that your great-great grandparents wouldn’t eat.” I giggle as I imagine my great Grams asking, what is a go-gurt or a lunchable. His concept Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. is a good rule of thumb.

I grew up in the midwest eating everything.  A lot of which is even worse today with more crappy ingredients being put into them to preserve things on shelves longer. Although I ate a ton of stuff I will vier away from for my children, we had a garden for years and my parents prepared well balanced meals for us. I know they did the best they knew how to do then. As a baby I had a severe allergy to dairy and wheat but my parents were encouraged to give me a normal diet through my adolescence so I wouldn’t develop reactions to everything containing the two. That all worked out fine until those allergies came back in my early thirties and the development of an auto immune disorder caused me to investigate what the heck I was doing wrong nutritionally, as I mentioned earlier. When you really pay attention to how certain foods react with your system you learn a lot about why you feel the way you do after certain foods. I’m constantly seeking out information in this arena now. Too many people are suffering from major diseases loosing their quality of life over and even more severe; dying from. While practicing yoga propelled me to proactively make healthier choices for leading a life filled with vitality, I can acknowledge that organic food has been one of my greatest healers as well.

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The insight provided in “In Defense Of Food”  helped me make sense of why all the sneaky worded, so-called healthy sounding things are actually quite toxic. Additionally, it inspires us to get back to food from it’s original state; ie. organic. Pollan simplifies the complexity of what’s happened with the food industry over the last few decades and brought me into a place of comfort with an encouragement to eat mindfully. From the groceries I buy to the restaurants we eat at, thoughtful intention goes into what we decide. Thanks to food labeling we have a choice to steer clear of the products containing GMO’s, pesticides and too many ingredients you can’t pronounce, which I encourage. We’re so mislead it’s no wonder children and adult obesity are huge problems in America. We will continue to see things shift as we the consumers speak up and STOP buying the things that are so terrible for us. That takes willpower, commitment, financial planning and making you and your families health a priority. Yes, FOOD is a huge component to our overall health and mental well being and I’m happy to be playing that on repeat until it’s better understood.


My poor family has been listening to me for years… but guess what, I love them and I desperately care about their longevity and quality of living. They have changed some major things for themselves with how eat and what they buy and I’m so proud of them. Grab your copy of “In Defense Of Food” and perhaps you’ll be next making wonderful changes for you and your family. Michael Pollan also has a new book out I just ordered on audible titled “How To Change Your Mind” I will be diving into next.  Your comments and questions are always welcome here, I’m grateful to have you all popping by. Thank you!


How Yoga Can Open Up Your Heart Again

Hi there, are you ready to celebrate Valentines Day with self-love and compassion, show some pizazz toward your partner or are you hiding under the covers waiting for it to just pass by? No judgement here, I’ve done all the above. I’m wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day none the less and requiring you to give yourself some mad love, you are so deserving of today.

If I may share some of my story with you… I hope it will inspire anyone in their quest to find that one person you connect with, fall deeply in love and create a life together. Sometimes the timeline of expectations and not being in-touch with our true selves can be hindering the flow of LOVE more than we realize. It’s difficult to see when we’re not mindfully connected to ourselves and trusting that we are in partnership with something bigger than just our physical being. I’ve so been there, and let me tell you, loathing in what I didn’t have and judging the love I felt I couldn’t receive wasn’t doing anything positive for me. We are all LOVE. Everything that lights our soul up is LOVE. Let that reminder be the thing that propel’s courage and action as you dive deep to look with-in.

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us
— Marianne Williamson

Breakups are never easy. We all have a story of heartache at some point in our lives. Mine came after spending several years in my mid twenties to early thirties with a great man whom I thought for sure was the one I would share my life with— until he wasn’t. I am not exaggerating when I say buckets of tears were starting to over flow and questioning everything about that relationship began to consume me. I beat myself up internally and was convinced I was unworthy of being truly loved by him instead of accepting that perhaps we weren’t meant for each other. My calling for yoga came during that time. I thank God everyday for the girlfriend that drug me to a studio in Santa Monica and said “trust me you will love this class.” As that relationship was coming to it’s end, my commitment to being on my mat began.

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. This ability to connect to a deeper sense of self arrives as you drop into your breath, begin to link it with movements and quiet the mind. The hope is that the discoveries you find as you explore the eight limbs of yoga will cultivate a joyful, non judgmental awareness in which you can use as a vehicle for transformation. This connection isn't only enriching for the self but in all your relationships if you want it to be. It's a journey inward that guides you to connect with the present moment with compassion and acceptance. As I started to sense these very things shifting my perspective, the layers of pain we’re revealing themselves too. I had some weepy classes and on the other side of that came a connection to joy like I’d never felt before. I wanted more of that. One to two times a week became three to five times a week. I remember going to one class in particular on a Friday night at 8PM where I thought I may be a loan wolf… the class was packed, mat to mat with at least fifty people. The energy of sharing space stuck with me that night. I wrote that up to be one of the best dates ever with a ton of like minded humans and myself— a renewed self, I was growing quite fond of.

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There is loads of research that supports yoga reducing stress and anxiety in conjunction with elevating your mood and over-all sense of well-being. When we stretch the body, create a fluidity with our breath and movements we release stored toxins and relax the mind quite beautifully. Stress wears differently on all of us so my suggestion is to simply see for yourself. As you begin to practice consistently you will start to see the benefits show up in your daily life. A heaviness you may have often felt before becomes lighter. As relaxation is practiced, a calm nervous system encourages more balance in dealing with life's disappointments as you navigate toward happiness and healing more readily. The well-rounded effects my yoga practice was bringing to my life shifted everything into new light. My heart was healing and my unbounded belief in abundance was ignited in a multitude of ways. My lifestyle choices improved across the board and the love and energy I was putting out into the world was more conscious and coming back to me. The time on my mat was magical. That powerful connection to something bigger than just my physical being was a spiritual awakening.

Pranayama (control of breath) is the driving force of any style of yoga. Practicing this controlled breath connects us to our bodies and the present moment. Meditation (Dyhana) is one of the wonderful eight limbs of yoga I referred to earlier that quiets the mind and has been found to help reduce anxiety. Connecting to these vital elements increases your ability to relax, restore and revive. Day to day activities often leave us restless with mind-chatter and a yearning for a way minimize that. Understanding your mind, body, spirit connection will invite more stability into your life. With a constant need and/ or expectations to respond to things today, we have to learn how to shut things off. This is one perk of the practice that can be detrimental to communicating positively and effectively. Savasana (corpse pose) can be an out-of-body, serene experience... make sure you never miss out on that. It was one of the most difficult asnas (postures) for me early in my practice. It didn’t take long for me to understand why laying there completely surrendering and allowing myself to receive would become the most important part of the practice.

Change due to an event or circumstance is inevitable, it’s called life right? Change initiated by you may be more challenging as you're not being nudged into something by circumstance but rather self-motivating in a courageous way. We often wait to make a change until a circumstance has forced us into taking a look at something more closely. I think it's fair to say, either situation will get you to the same place when you get clear with what you want your results to look like. My LOVE for being on my mat inspired me to get certified and begin teaching in 2012. I’ve never looked back and dream of getting mindful practices into schools, homes and the hearts of everyone. It’s a decade later and I’m in my first year of marriage to an unbelievable man I was lucky enough to create another life with; our year and a half old daughter. I know for sure my yoga journey has decluttered all the insecurities, fears and negativity I once felt burdened by. My life is not perfect but I believe in this healing practice and I will be a student to it’s lessons for the rest of my time here.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife

I wish you all love. Have a happy Valentine’s Day. Celebrate LOVE today. Share it, receive it and trust that the source of all love is already with-in each and everyone of us. Live your love. Thank you for stopping by, your comments are always welcome here.


I'm Here, Are You Still With Me?

Hello hello my lovely tribe, how are you guys? Are you asking yourself, where did January go, the way I am? And maybe a little curious about why I’m not pushing out content like I used to? I want to be super transparent with you guys and also say, I’m sorry and thank you. I’m SORRY If you feel like I’ve left you hanging in any way and THANK YOU for being here and sticking with me through the lulls.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Mindfulness, Erik Almas Photography

We all wish we had more time right? More time to do the things that fill your heart and fuel your soul. Feel familiar at all? The thing about time is that since we can’t actually create more hours, minutes or seconds in the day, we can only make choices with how we spend the time we are given. We are responsible for creating space for those things that we want to do, while balancing the time spent with things we have to do. It’s an ever-evolving practice I find, how about you?

I’m in my first year of marriage and being a parent and that alone has been such a joyful and impactful shift in my life, it’s taken some letting go of an old life, or self, per say. I love my new roles as a wife and mother and I’m learning everyday from experiences. I’m certainly striving to be the best I can be but also relieving myself from the need to have anything BE or APPEAR perfect. If you follow me at all on social media (please do) @andreabogart, you see what a traveling family we are. We hopped on more flights, road trips and extensive adventures in 2018 than I could have possibly prepared for. I have always loved to travel and I have taken several of the opportunities to be together as a family while my husband is working as a photographer in various parts of the world. That being said, we don’t travel with a nanny so I’m spending the days being a joyful tourist while trying to still produce some healthy routines for our little one. It’s been so important for me to be present with her so the time I get to myself is unpredictable and sometimes minimal. I catch myself often wanting time to just create, and yet I have to remind myself the very essence of having a child, IS creating, building a partnership that works, IS creating and those have been my priorities. The stuff that happens outside of that has been icing on the cake!

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Erik Almas Photography

We got home mid January and it has felt so wonderful to be here in Sonoma, settling back in. I have done a lot of thinking about giving this blog an overhaul. My mission has been to inspire through experiences, stories and offer helpful tips that we could use as we journey through life. I want to stay authentic to what I’m most passionate about and consolidate a bit and write about those things. I’m in the process of changing things up and excited about where it’s all headed. Mindfulness seems to be my most key element I enjoy learning more about and writing about. Under that umbrella is; being a parent, a certified yoga instructor and practitioner, healthy nutrition, adventurous travels and some fun about being an actress, which are all dear to my heart. One area of writing I haven’t shared much about is my dream of being a children’s book publisher. I have years of some finished but mostly unfinished stories, idea lists and scratch pads with stuff I want to revisit and I’m motivated about generating new material.  I’m putting more focus into that this year as well. 

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife, Erik Almas Photography

Whether you’ve been hanging with me since 2015 or you’re newer to my world, I hope something in my wheel house of writing is an offering for you to keep coming back for more. I truly love sharing about these topics and if you have a favorite or feel I’m missing something you’d like to have more of please let me know. The community we have with being able to comment and connect is a valuable and important part of writing for me, so don’t be shy! Thank you guys for sharing your time with me. I wish you all so much love, joy and prosperity as we rock through February.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped in Dogma— which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
— Manifesting Your Mission; Steve Jobs

XOXO Andrea


Hello to all my Inspirational Addict supporters! As we all take a pause from our regularly scheduled programs and sit back to relax and soak up the holiday spirit with family and friends, I am wishing you all so much LOVE, JOY and GOOD HEALTH as we wrap up another year. 


Let’s all create a little space for taking inventory of all the wonderful things we’ve accomplished along with the blessings in our lives; big and small and let it flood our hearts with gratitude. May that be the shift, new perspective or continued growth that uplifts us as 2019 is upon us. 

I like to think of this time of year as a good time to sprinkle in as many savasana’s (corpse pose) as you need to reset. In yoga it means to; surrender, let the work go, allow every part of your body, mind and spirit to settle in to the present moment and simply receive with compassion. 

You do not need to seek freedom in a different land, for it exists with your own body, heart, mind, and soul
— B.K.S. Iyengar

I hope you all have a magical Christmas Day and I look forward to sharing a lot more with you in the new year. Thank you for your support and inspiration. Your comments, suggestions, requests… are always welcome here, remember we are in this thing together!


Are You Full Of THANKS and GIVING?

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet souls… are you ready for the feast and the fun? This is truly one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love a beautiful meal that brings people together whether it’s family gathering or a giant Friendsgiving! What I’ve realized matters most though, is getting to share it with the people you love. So put your phones away today, be social, connect with each other and be present. It’s just the best, so please enjoy to the fullest.

Inspirational Addict, Sonoma Mama, Andrea Bogart Yoga, Inspiring Blogger, Health & Wellness, Everyday Joys, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor, Actress, Happy Wife

In past years, I’ve either taken great joy helping host or delighted in preparing one of my favorite dishes to contribute to a gathering and yes, I’m a total sucker for watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Fun fact: 1993 & 1997 I was in the parade as a dancer, I wish I had digital pix to share). Quite chilly but fun and unforgettable NY trips!

Although this year will be much different as I’m in Doha, Qatar where Thanksgiving is not celebrated— I am at least with my husband and little nugget and that means everything. I will find my way to some turkey and a fabulous green bean Arabic dish if it kills me. I’ve already been researching how I can stream the parade live from my computer. And then… let the Christmas carols begin!


We will soon venture from our upper seventy degree temperatures and ocean dips to the winter wonderland of Norway and Missouri getting the full magic of Christmas with our families. I’m looking forward to that too!

I’m beyond grateful for the experiences we get to have as a traveling family. Watching our baby girl smile, shake hands and blow kisses to every different ethnicity of people we encounter is a beautiful thing to witness. Although she’s too young to notice the cultural experience she’s already having I hope it will continue to open her heart to all people in loving way. I’m almost a half a day ahead of most of you in the U.S. surround by the Persian Gulf and palm trees. I’m feeling thankful and blessed to get to see the world and venture to places I didn’t even know existed. (You can google Qatar now too)

I have so many wonderful memories of all the different ways I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and this will be another. No matter where you are we can all take time to reflect on our blessings, give thanks and also think about ways we can give back. I hope to host a yoga event in the new year and donate all the proceeds to California Fire relief. It’s been a tough few years for residents and I know that’s one thing I can do from my heart.

I’m wishing all of you a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving. Prayers, hugs and blessings too you. Thanks for stopping by! 

              XOXO ANDREA