How To Create New Habits And Initiate Change

Are we all having a good Sunday my lovelies?

Just as summer rolls into fall and we feel the weather shift, crisp mornings arrive with dew at our feet and leaves turning into shades of burnt orange and honeysuckle yellow.... a change is happening. 

Andrea Bogart new habits, initiating change with Get My Body Back,Erik Almas, Inspirational Addict

Aligned with the changing of seasons what if we just did a little self-reflective check-in? Are you someone who can comfortably say, "sure I'd like to change this, or I wish I did more of this, or I'd love to stop doing this, and make a plan to execute your desires? Can we initiate any changes and get swept up in the breeze of new habits? Of course we can! We ALL struggle with that sure fire YES but I believe every one of us has the capacity to put our best foot forward and say "I can and I will. With commitment and willpower at the ready... we got this!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself
— Rumi

As a new mamma, I am discovering how much my life has changed daily and it takes a strong commitment to maintain the self-care that is important for my well-being. Although as individuals we are the first to make sacrifices to accommodate our loved ones, doesn’t it make sense for us to also pay attention to how we care for ourselves so we can be our very best for others too?

I love the way I am being challenged right now. I’m enjoying the process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Clearly the shift from not being a parent, to being a parent is cause for initiating change for me. Your situation might be the very same or perhaps; it's a new job, a break-up, moving, school starting, a loss of some sort, a big success or simply just the desire to move in a different direction. Change due to an event or circumstance is inevitable, it’s called life right? Change initiated by you may be more challenging as you're not being nudged into something by circumstance but rather self-motivating in a courageous way. I think it's fair to say, either situation will get you to the same place when you decide to take charge and get clear with what you want your results to look like. 



Grab a pen and notepad and take 15 minutes to let your pen freely flow. (I'm borrowing a variation of this from the The New Hollywood GMBB5 sign up sheet) Spend five minutes on each of the following– 

  1. What are some things you want to stop doing?
  2. What are some things you want to keep doing?
  3. What are some things you want to start doing?

Read it over a few times. What stands out as being the most important to you present day? Circle one thing for each and let's get a little more focused on those with an "I will do" attitude. 

For my personal example: I will STOP spending time on social media that's not purposeful. I will KEEP eating healthy. I will START publishing a blog weekly. 


  1. BE CONSISTENT– Try doing it at the same time each day or stacking it with something else you do daily. 
  2. COMITT TO 30 DAYS (AT LEAST)– We all know for a new habit to stick, it does take a time commitment.
  3. SIMPLIFY– Make it attainable, when you feel your success you will continue and build on that. 
  4. SHARE IT– Accountability is beneficial, ask a friend or family member to join you or check in with you to keep you motivated.
  5. BE A TRICKSTER– Use fun techniques to remind yourself like physical visuals, motivating calendar reminders, post it notes, etc. 
  6. TAKE AWAY TEMPTATION– What's in your path not aligned with your habit? Remove your phone from the bedroom, don't buy the chips and cookies, tuck the TV remote away. 
  7. HONOR YOURSELF– Use a daily mantra "I am grateful for (your new habit)" Thank yourself for your efforts regularly.  

I hope you guys have some fun with this. Whether you're on board with me for the Get My Body Back 5 90 Day Challenge or not, I'm here to support you and by golly I cherish feeling your love in return. There is no doubt that creating new habits is challenging but while I'm laying out my yoga mat at the foot of my bed to remind me to hop on it each morning and doing 20 squats while I brush my teeth and setting a "write for 20min today you bad ass, creative soul" reminder in my daily calendar... I'll be smiling and joyously sharing my up's and down's with you! I see "community challenges" come up all the time on various social feeds so if that appeals to you, join one & share your progress with others. Mindbodygreen is one of my favorite resources for health & wellness stuff like that. 

If you have any tips or suggestions that have helped you create new habits or initiate change pop them to me in the comments. I love hearing from you guys and creating a supportive community is my jam. Thank you for all your support. 

Now go grab a pumpkin spice latte and welcome our first day of fall this Friday! Ahh my favorite time of year...

xoxo andrea